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The Price of Gas Went Up Again

gasLTD has been eating solids (and by solids I mean mashed up fruits and vegetables that don’t resemble anything solid) for a few weeks now and he really seems to enjoy the different tastes. There is only really one problem we have encountered so far on our journey to eventually eating at Mario Batali’s Enoteca San Marco as a family, and that is gas. In the beginning the new foods were very uncomfortable for him as his GI system really started working overtime for the first time. He would wake up during the night or be generally cranky and we could just tell it was the dreaded pain of gas. We rubbed his belly clockwise, always clockwise, and that seemed to help a little but in the end the real cure was time as his body got used to having his power plant fully operational and up to code. Now the situation has changed slightly since he is comfortable eating solids with the new situation being, that he is now comfortable making them.

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