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Signs, Signs Everywhere Signs

The fates were kind to me and LTD the other day and gave us a break from routine by providing us with an adventure. We arrived at the library just as they were opening and began to browse. I remembered The Mommy wanted me to check out some books or DVDs on infant sign language. I went to the children’s room desk and asked the librarian. I said, ‘do you have any books on infant sign language?’ and she said, ‘why don’t you just take the class at 1 pm today?’ No pun intended but it seemed like a good sign, so we took the class.

signThe instructor was really great and very enthusiastic. Of course, I was the only daddy in the group, so for the first few minutes I felt like I had a giant bulls-eye painted on me chest with all the mommies staring at me. LTD is still a little young to appreciate or really learn any signs, but it will come in handy later. My buddy who has two kids was telling me that one of the more frustrating things about his kids growing up was that they knew what they wanted but they didn’t know the words, so he would be constantly playing a guessing game with them over what exactly it was that they wanted when it came to a glass of water or to eat. Starting around 10 months babies will know what they want and while they may not be able to sign themselves they will recognize it when you sign to them. Especially, the relatively simple signs for ‘to sleep’, ‘to eat’ and ‘I want.’

Since the class was at the library, our instructor tied the lessons to the classic books, Brown Bear, Good Night Moon and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Most of us already have these books at home so practice is easy. On a side note, LTD was one of the younger kids in attendance and there were numerous kids that were almost two and they could not sit still to save their lives. I don’t want to tell tales out of school and I know how hard it is to take care of kids all day, but I feel like some of the moms used the class as an excuse to get out of the house and let their kids wander around as if they were free-range chickens with almost no supervision. I’m not gonna lie, it was loud in that room and I left with a nice little headache. Another side effect from the class was that that evening my legs didn’t work. I sat cross legged, during the class, with LTD on my lap and since I never sit cross legged and I don’t do yoga like The Mommy, I was in a lot of pain but the good news is that I now know the sign for pain.

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