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Product Review – Graco Pack ‘n Play

graco_pack_n_play-400-400When it comes to products if something seems to good to be true it usually is. Those ‘as seen on TV’ miracle products that make your life easier, the kind they tell you you can’t live without; well those things are no where close to being the wonder product advertised. Armed with that skepticism, I approach all transforming or dual purpose products with a serious grain of salt. However, The Mommy said we needed a Pack ‘n Play as a down stairs crib and later a pen to put LTD in baby jail. We used the Pack ‘n Play down stairs for a few months but when the time came for us to bring it to grandma’s house I had serious doubts about the pack part. You know what, the Graco silenced the critic in me. I have to say that it packed up incredibly easy and fits in the bag like a glove. So far we have taken it to hotels and grandparents without incident. It comes with a clip on sound player that I didn’t even put batteries in, I got enough stuff that plays music and it also comes with a changing table and mobile. The table rarely gets used for its stated purpose and usually carries out the mission of holding baby blankets, clothes, and various accouterment. Sadly, the Pack ‘n Play is basically a Transformer that spends its days stuck as a truck when it should be a giant robot. We don’t pack it up all that much, but I actually look forward to packing and setting it up when we do.


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