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Product Review – Beaba Babycook

Beaba-babycook-lifestyle-green-webI don’t usually like cooking appliances, in fact The Mommy and I have disagreements over her use of the mixer, chopper, frothier and blender for the simple reason that the more devices she uses the more I have to clean up. However, now that LTD is eating solids the time has come for me to re-examine my relationship with kitchen appliances. Having mastered rice cereal, bananas and avocados the baby has moved on to pears and our good friend dried plums (you may know them by the name they travel under, prunes) and these fruits need to be cooked and mashed before the baby can eat them. The Mommy and I have been using The Beaba Babycook as our one stop shop as we turn our home into a baby food factory.

The Babycook could not be easier to use and it features only two buttons, why only two, because that is all you need. The Babycook steams the food first and then blends it for you in the same container. I’m not going to lie to you, it ain’t cheap. Parents will need to look at the cost of the baby food these use to see if The Babycook is economical for them, but we have been making batches of food and freezing them. I guess in the end, the real reason I like the steamer/mixer, is that I can control what LTD eats and avoid freaking out when I hear that the jar of food I bought from the store has been recalled.


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