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Product Review – Table and Floor Topper

floor_topper_lA few weeks ago we started LTD on solids and he already has the hang of it and by hang of it, I mean he has mastered sticking his fingers in the bowl, his mouth and my face. He does these things as part of his mission to eliminate the word clean from the dictionary. So it was time to call in some help. Neat Solutions’ Table and Floor Toppers provide a first line of defense against the Bananacado spray and toss. The Toppers are “disposable but durable enough to be used again.” The company is working on expanding its line of biodegradable products and I hope they convert all their mats and meal products soon.

Topper designs include Sesame Street and Winnie the Pooh. They also have Dora and Diego, but as you know I am trying to recreate only the brands from my childhood; so we will stick with Grover and Tigger thank you. The choice of disposable mats works best for restaurant and guesthouse eating. However, after seeing the total volume of food stuff that ends up everywhere, of course I mean everywhere except the baby’s mouth, I don’t really want to keep washing a disgusting mat over and over again.

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