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Product Review – Kokopax Carrier

father_son_0175_HR_cropI don’t know if one can be called ‘yuppie scum’ in the year 2009, it feels like an eighties thing, but I sort of feel like one using the Kokopax Carrier. However, while it may be a little fancy, I have to say that for me it’s the bees knees. On most days the dog needs to be walked and The Mommy frowns upon me leaving the baby alone in the house, so he needs to ride shotgun on the walks. Now that he is six months old he can finally use the Kokopax to ride in style. I’m here to tell you that the thing is wicked light and folds flat-ish for easy storage. LTD sits up high and looks at on the scenery and lets out sounds that make me think he is trying to say, “Behold, for as far as the eye can see I am master over all I survey.” He is either saying that or he is saying, “Behold, if I use both hands I can pull out all of daddy’s hair.”

If I didn’t have to walk the dog every day I’m not sure I would have gotten the carrier when he was this little, but it is good until 35lbs and since he is not yet 15lbs, I figure we will get lots of mileage out of it for as long as I still have hair. The other trick LTD has learned while in riding in the carrier is to pull my shirt collar back as if they were reigns and I was his horse. The trade off for having your hands free is slight breathing interruptions. Lastly, I will say that even though the carrier is wicked light and the baby only weighs15 lbs, after a while you still got a monkey on your back and it feels like hiking K2. At least my hands are now free to pick up dog poo.


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