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Media Review – iPhone

Like the apple ad featuring Justin Long and John Hodgman, The Mommy and I represent mac and PC with her taking the role of “mac guy” and I the PC. It’s not like we are zealots or slaves to the brands, it’s just that she prefers apple for the usual reasons and I only prefer PCs for their price. This is a long introduction to get to my point, which is, I now have an iPhone and I’m digging it. When my cell phone contract was finally up after two long years, I was finally able to join The Mommy at AT&T to enjoy the family plan. We went into the store to the sounds of me singing a chorus of ‘I’m not getting an iPhone.’ My reasons were basically that I didn’t need anything that fancy and I hate talking on bricks, I need something that feels like a phone. So what the hell happened? Well, in the span of five minutes the guy at the store talked me into getting an iPhone.

iphone_homeI have to tell the truth, he didn’t give me the hard sell, no pressure, he was very logical and mellow. I knew I was going to be stuck with a new phone for two years and wanted something more than a basic phone, but I didn’t have a need for something fancy. He explained that for 50 bucks I could get a very simple flip phone with a camera and nothing else or for 300 bucks I could get a crackberry. He added, that the smart play would be to get an iPhone for 100 bucks, cause it would do everything I didn’t know I needed but now can’t live without. And I am here to tell you he was right.

The iPhone is like a little computer, we are talking about email, the web and a ton of apps. I still hate to talk on the thing because I hate the feel of it, but I love the fact that I can get some work done while dealing with the baby or waiting to pick The Mommy up at the carpool lot. Now the only real problem is that since The Mommy and I both have iPhones no one is watching the baby while we stare at them. (Just kidding in case anyone for Family Services is reading.)

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