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Look Who’s Talking Now

Look whos talking040809Bad Kirstie Alley and John Travolta movies aside, the baby has started announcing his presence with authority. We are a little while away from mama and dada, but he has been making well-orchestrated noises for a few weeks now. We have heard the high pitched yelp followed by the smile indicating he is fascinated with the sound of his own voice. We have heard the coo and ooh that feels like he is trying to communicate something specific too us. We have heard him blow raspberries (and spit) using his mouth to motorboat. We have heard the whine when he is about to get upset but hasn’t decided whether it is worth a scream or not. And let us not forget the baby dinosaur noises he makes like something out of Jurassic Park. It feels like he is channeling little hatchling raptors, which makes sense since he bites down on my arm pretty hard these days. All this noise makes me excited for when he can really talk, but also sad for the day when he says, “Dad, can I get this? Can I get this? Can I get this? Can I get this?”

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