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It Beats Using A Rock

I imagine this comes as a shock to no one, but laundry has become a big part of our lives since the baby was born. The process isn’t really a big deal as we are aided by the new high-efficiency washer and dryer (thank you stimulus package tax rebate), but it does seem like a never-ending loop of clean and dirty clothing. We seem to empty one hamper only to turn around and see two more spilling over. My favorite is when I dress him and while we are still on the changing table he spits up on the new outfit, you can’t make stuff like that up. Plus, let us not forget there are rules, The Mommy has imposed strict limits on what I am allowed to do without her supervision. The baby clothes are not to be washed with our clothes. This has something to do with our dirt and oils or whatever being bad for the baby. Also, I am not allowed to wash The Mommy’s clothes any more (there was one incident too many). New baby clothes are to be washed unless they come prepackaged. Combine these regulations with the special detergent for the cloth diapers and I feel like if I can master this I should open up a Laundromat.

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