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Book Review – The Story of Ferdinand

ferdinandI don’t care that the book is a reaction to the Spanish Civil War and advocates a pacifists agenda, The Story of Ferdinand is a damn good read. Written in 1936 by HYPERLINK “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States” \o “United States” American author Munro Leaf and illustrated by Robert Lawson, the story features the bull Ferdinand who rather stop and actually smell the roses than fight (and die) in the bullring. Told using simple yet elegant black and white line drawings, the book demonstrates that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Ferdinand’s bull brothers spend all day muscling up and butting heads, clearly Munro had insight into not only the abuse of bovine growth hormone, but also performance enhancing drugs. Yet, Ferdinand is comfortable enough in his own skin that he doesn’t feel the need to strut and feels free to show off the fact that he is basically lazy. Of course high jinks ensue (there is an incident with a bee) and Ferdinand finds himself in the center of a bullfight in front of thousands of blood thirsty fans. Don’t worry folks he doesn’t get run through with a sword or gourd anyone the book has a happy ending even if it isn’t realistic at all.

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