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Book Review – Drummer Hoff

drummerDrummer Hoff written by, yet another pair of married authors, Barbara and Ed Emberley (this seems to be the key to children’s book success) was published in 1967. If you didn’t know the book was a product of the sixties the explosion of color used throughout the book combined with the illustration style leaves no doubt of the era’s influence (rhymes with rugs).

Drummer Hoff has only one job to do and that is to fire the cannon. Different men of ever increasing military rank bring pieces of the cannon in order to finish its construction. Once competed Drummer Hoff “fires it off” and the colors go boom. Reading the tongue twister story out loud can be frustrating but also strangely hypnotic, another sixties influenced side effect. This is one of those books you love, but can’t really put your finger on why. Drummer Hoff is a perfect blend of nonsense and more nonsense the outcome of which is joy.

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