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Book Review – Danny and the Dinosaur

dannyI know it was published in 1958, but Danny and the Dinosaur plays fast and loose with the laws of science and mocks evolutionary biologists lending weight to beliefs by religious extremists about the origins of life on this planet. The book by children’s author and legend Syd Hoff takes place in the span of one crazy day after Danny visits a museum, where he sees a dinosaur exhibit. Well, what do you think happens next? He wishes he could play with a real dinosaur and one appears and they spend the day together. Basically, Danny treats the dinosaur like a dog and for some reason the dinosaur is cool with being treated like a pet and performs tricks and other man’s best friend activities. The big issue, besides the living dinosaur in modern times, is that the dinosaur claims that being with Danny and running around with him is the most fun he has had in a 100 million years. I think that is sad. Not once did Danny ask the dinosaur what he wanted to do. I guess Mr. Hoff wants us to learn the lesson of the Zen belief that service to others gives life meaning. A worthy lesson to learn and one that allows me to forgive the fact that a dinosaur could live during the age of man.

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