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The Things We Do

Last night, having just got back from a long car trip to find the house a cool 90 degrees, we decided even though it was late we would take LTD for a dip in the pool. We threw on his swim diaper and trunks (not to mention his cool surfer shirt) and headed down to the pool in the center of our condo complex. Of course murphy’s law showed up because while the air outside was easily over 85 the water temperature was certainly no where near that number. I jumped in after a few minutes of toe dipping and as these things tend to go, found that once you stay in the water is fine. The baby however had no such desire to stay in long enough to find out. We tried for a bit, but once that bottom lip starts to quiver you have to heed the signs.

The Mommy needed my help taking off his wet things as they were clingy and he was squirmy. Long story short, she is holding him frogfountainup, since he can stand now if you hold him, with his trunks around his ankles and as I reach for his legs a stream starts to come out as if he was a Vegas hotel fountain. In an act of heroism akin to diving on a grenade, I cupped my hand over his region shielding my wife from getting hit and sacrificing my hand in the process. Rather than be sickened by my act of bravery/pee soakness, I felt proud to be an official card carrying member of the parenting club.

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