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Take a Picture it Will Last Longer

Now that we are deep into August the temperature has risen in a way that makes me think it has a goal of making the days nice and unbearable. The heat and his friend humidity make walking the dog with the baby a special kind of treat. In fact, when it is wicked hot out the three of us don’t go out and the dog just has to hold it. Not only are the health risks to the baby real, but since he is in the carrier he sweats against me and then I sweat against him, it’s not pretty.

dog summerHowever, the real problem I have noticed when walking the baby and the dog are the looks I keep getting from drivers and people on the street. When I walk either the dog or the baby separately, I usually get a cute dog or cute baby, but when I walk the two of them no one gives a cute instead they look at me like I just escaped from the drool farm. The whole thing is really bizarre and I’d like to think I’m overreacting or imagining things, but it keeps happening and it makes me want to be one of the people that actually says out loud the famous phrase, what are you looking at?

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