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Rollover, Good Boy

Some disturbing things have been happening lately and I’m hoping it isn’t the first signs of an undiagnosed mental illness but rather LZjust an odd coincidence. I have started to talk to the baby like I talk to the dog. We are trying to get the baby to rollover since he spends a lot of his time, when on the play mat, on his side. He really looks like he wants to rollover he just doesn’t. So we try and coax him. Now when you speak excitedly the word, rollover and you say it again and again, it sounds exactly like you are talking to a dog. The worst part is, I really don’t have a problem with it.

The next thing that makes me slightly worried is that I have taught the baby another trick, not unlike when we taught the dog to shake her paw. When I am feeding LTD his bottle I take my hands away and low and behold he grabs it. Yes, I have figured out yet another way to be lazy by getting the baby to hold his own bottle. Where as when we taught the dog a new trick we had to give her a treat, having the baby hold his own bottle is its own treat. He gets the milk. However, we the baby still goes to the bathroom in the house, but we are working on it.

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