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Product Review – PRIMO’s EuroBath

An act as old as time itself, giving the baby a bath is a nighttime ritual shared by millions of parents and each bath presents a different adventure for each of those parents. However, the one thing that is true for everyone is that the baby gets as the Bon Jovi album so elegantly put it, slippery when wet. With that fact in mind The Mommy turned to the Primo EuroBath. Now I know a lot people use the sink when the baby is little, but ours is always filled with dishes, so we were happy to use the EuroBath.

The tub is reversible so during the first six months he lies on one end and after that he can switch to the other side. In the very beginning he didn’t take to the bath and I suspect it is cause I was worried about the hot water and it may have been too cold, but The Mommy found the Goldilocks temperature (just right) and now he seems to not so much enjoy the bath as he finds it relaxing. The tub really does hold him in place pretty well freeing me up to play with the rubber ducky and in the future the scuba diver and submarine I plan on getting.


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