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Product Review – ImagiPLAY’s Elephant Rattle

rattleWe interrupt Book Review Friday to bring you a special Beyond the Car Seat limited time discount. Since The Mommy and I are trying very hard to stay away from plastic, we are always looking for environmentally friendly baby products. Especially now, since LTD cannot stop putting things in his mouth our concerns have been heightened. Of course, the dog still occasionally licks his face, wiping out any progress we have made in the cleanliness department.

LTD has been using his Elephant Rattle from ImagiPLAY. Of course now it is less of a rattle and more of tongue depressor, but since it is made from “managed forest Beechwood, sanded baby smooth and finished with beeswax” we don’t worry when it makes the fast trip from his hands to his gaping maw. Also, unlike a lot of his toys the rattle is mild and doesn’t upset our ears like so many of his beeping and tooting toys. The real treat for us lies in the fact that we don’t have to constantly watch him when he’s holding the rattle cause we know it’s okay to go in his mouth unlike my ipod, which he pulled off the desk the other day in an attempt to find out if it was drool proof.

Please enter coupon code: kidstuff09 at www.imagiplay.com to receive a 15% discount until September 10th.


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