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Product Review – Enfamil® Tri-Vi-Sol® with Iron Drops

trivisolTurns out modern life is great, but we are missing a few things from the olden days. One of those things is exposure to the sun. We all know that the sun can be very damaging to our skin (see Boca Rotan, Florida), but like a cruel goddess the sun gives with one hand a takes with the other. What does she give, the bone density fuel Vitamin D. Turns out that in the Little House on the Prairie days people spent all day outside enjoying back breaking activities like gardening and hanging clothes on the line. They did these things and the baby was with them the whole time soaking up the sun.

The pediatrician strongly urged us to give LTD Trivisol drops so that he could get his Vitamin D. Why give him anything if he is exclusively on breast milk, we asked incredulously? His answer surprised us, The Mommy didn’t get as much sun as sun as in previous generations and so she didn’t have enough Vitamin D to give to LTD. The doctor explained that Vitamin D (not to be confused with Sunny D) makes our bones strong and without it we would all turn to dust.

LTD has never minded the cherry taste and now is at an age when he can swallow pretty well. However, a word of caution, the drops are dark red and stain without mercy. The dribble is unavoidable, so use plenty of burp cloths.

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