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Product Review – Columbia Trekster Diaper Bag

backpack 1Capitalism being what it is, companies have started to market a great number of baby products to men. They assume we can’t handle things with ducks and bunnies on them, so they make bags and shirts with slogans like ‘rebel dad’ in all black. For the most part, I don’t care what the baby product looks, that being said, I guess since LTD is a boy, I don’t really have any pink Barbie inspired bags and blankets. However, one product that straddles the line between baby product and okay for a man to be seen with in public is Columbia’s Trekster Diaper Bag. In fact, to the untrained eye it looks like a regular backpack. So much so that sometimes I feel like a spy trained to covertly enter a building and change a diaper without anyone seeing me.

The Trekster comes with a whole bunch of cool pockets and by cool, I mean a foil lined pocket to keep a backpack 2bottle chill. The bag also features a generous sized foldout changing pad with plastic supply bags attached. The truth is I actually prefer the backpack style to the over the shoulder diaper bag. When you have a baby you tend to over pack and the diaper bag gets heavy fast. Between the bags and carseat I lift way more than I like too and it starts to feel like exercise.

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