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Product Review – Buy Buy Baby

buybyThe Mommy and I dig the store Buy Buy Baby for reasons that are deeply personal. We personally hate Babies R Us. After a few extremely negative experiences at Babies R Us we found the answers to our baby product supply problems by accident when we stormed out of a Babies R Us to see a Buy Buy Baby across the street. The first thing we were struck by when we entered the clean store was that the employees actually knew information about their products (shocking in this day and age). Not only did they have knowledge about the goods, they were also able to share expert opinions about which brands were popular and didn’t have a lot of returns. It’s crazy because when you are talking with an employee you feel as if they actually had training. The shopping experience is truly surreal, a store that I don’t mind being dragged by The Mommy to.

Perhaps the best thing about Buy Buy Baby is that since they have been bought by Bed, Bath & Beyond (no relation to Beyond the bbb couponCar Seat) they accept those 20% off Bed, Bath, & Beyond coupons that arrive in the mail every other day. When you are buying a big-ticket item like a high chair or jumperoo, 20% is nothing to laugh at. The company also has plans to open more stores or build satellite stores inside existing Bed, Bath & Beyonds.

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