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Media Review – Rock-n-Roll Lullabies

acdcThe company Rockabye Baby! has produced lullaby renditions of The Beatles, Coldplay, The Cure, U2, The Eagles and of course AC/DC and Metallica, plus many more. The tunes don’t have lyrics and are played using chimes, bells and other soft instruments. When The Mommy first got a few of their CDs, I was curious as to what they would sound like, but after listening to them and getting past the fact they don’t have lyrics (for obvious reasons) I sort of got into them. Rockabye Baby! joins the trend of children’s music that adults can actually stand to listen to. However, I do find it funny that instead of singing my son an old Russian lullaby passed down from generation to generation, I can play him Stairway to Heaven instead. These lullabies are also helpful in providing an alternative to the actual “rock-a-bye baby” song which gets depressing the more you sing it.

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  • Oh. My. God. if it weren’t for the Coldplay Rockabye CD, we wouldn’t have survived babyhood. the idea of driving our baby around to get him to go to sleep was NOT working; his take on it was: “if you’re going to drive, i’m going to scream.”

    i firmly believe that this CD saved all of our lives! we make copies of it and give it to anyone we know who’s making the leap into parenthood, just in case they’ve got a screamer on their hands.

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