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Dancing and Stealing at the Supermarket

To paraphrase the Bay City Rollers, you have to love a Saturday night. Of course when you have a four and half month old baby, your Saturday nights look very different than they used to. The Mommy, LTD and I needed to pick up some quick fixins for an impromptu BBQ we were throwing that evening for a few friends. As we were hurrying through the store, I got a phone call and The Mommy and LTD didn’t know how long I was going to be, so they took steps to occupy their time. The grocery store was playing musak over the speakers and you could hear it pretty well. While they were waiting for me to get off the phone, The Mommy decided to take advantage of the beat (I believe it was Carlos Santana featuring Rob Thomas) and she started to dance in front of the baby. LTD, who was in his car seat in the grocery cart, thought The Mommy’s dancing was hi-larious. When I finally got off the phone, she excitingly told me that the baby was cracking up and she made me dance for him. Of course she took out the ever-present camera to capture video of me dancing like an idiot in the shampoo aisle for the baby’s amusement. Turns out dancing makes the little guy laugh really hard.

As we were loading the car to leave the parking lot we noticed that what was suppose to be an innocent and quick trip to the store was in fact a sordid and illicit adventure. When we lifted the car seat out of the cart we notice that a cleaning product we that slid under his seat and thus we forgot to pay for it. I’d like to think that because it was hot out and the baby was crying we didn’t go in that second to make things right but I would be lying. My new plan is to go to that same store the next time I was going to go somewhere else, pay it forward if you will. Either way the family had one heck of a Saturday night.

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