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Can I Have My Lip Back?

The development gods have smiled on LTD and blessed him with a natural curiosity, which in turn he uses to explore his ever-expanding worldview. One of the ways he has learned to discover his environment is by reaching out with his little grasping hands to pull things into his pie hole/laboratory. We are now at the removing all choking hazards stage from the house, a process that isn’t easy. In addition to removing objects that may pose a risk to the baby, something new has cropped up that actually poses a risk to me. When you go in close with your face to make LTD smile he reaches out with his claws and grabs you. I’m not saying he’s Hercules, but when he latches on to your lips or nose it sort of hurts. As I have previously mentioned if his nails haven’t been cut that day, they tear into my flesh. Additionally, it doesn’t have to be my face, he grabs my arm when I’m carrying him and had yet to release me from his death grip without taking a few arm hairs as trophies. LTD has taught me that sometimes the price of love is paid for with little tiny hand imprints on my face.


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