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California Dreaming

avocado-bspLTD was eating rice cereal for only a week when The Mommy decided it was time to turn him into The Hulk by dropping the gamma bomb. The green monster in this case was our friend the avocado. The Mommy read that the guacamole maker was a good safe vegetable to start him on and one of the only foods you don’t need to cook in order to serve to a baby. She was right, he likes it. And that is the problem. Do you have any idea what avocado poop looks and smells like? Well, I do. It is grim. It is voluminous. It is green and it is wicked stinky.

I should also note what an avocado looks like when you mash it up and when it goes in and around a baby’s mouth. If you will allow me to paint a picture, it looks like the baby just ate Kermit the frog. I’ve seen a lot of things since I became a parent; things I can’t un-see, but the baby’s face covered in green slime combined with the smell from his home made guacamole has secured the top spot on the “I’m grossed out” list. But he likes them and who can say no to a baby?

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