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Why Grandma What Big Teeth You Have

Well, the summer of grandmas has come to end. These past few weeks we had my mother, The Nana and The Mommy’s mother, The Grandma visit for a total of one month. One of the great things about the grandma visit is the guilt free naps I got to take. I hand the kid over and as soon as my head hits the pillow, I’m counting Z’s. Also, while The Mommy is at work it gives me someone to talk to that doesn’t try and put my nose in his mouth. As the lone daytime caregiver everything I do I have to do in stages, rarely completing a task in one sitting. During the grandma visits I was able to focus for a change and finish some projects, but now it’s back to the grindstone as LTD and me face each day alone, out manned and outgunned.

While driving The Grandma to the airport, The Mommy remarked that it was like Mary Poppins leaving and that we should have brought an umbrella. I think it is absolutely the opposite of Mary Poppins because Poppins left when the kids changed and didn’t need her anymore, but in our case we still need her. Plus, she never once broke out in song during her whole visit and Dick Van Dyke only showed up for five minutes and without his chimney sweeping equipment.

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