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This Will Only Hurt For a Second

4 monthsLast week, LTD had his four-month check up with our pediatrician. It went well despite the fact that LTD spent the entire visit screaming his little head off due to the fact that he didn’t want to be naked on that butcher paper and I can’t really blame him. We learned some good information about teething, solid foods and as always pooping. It turns out that it is perfectly normal for exclusively breast feed babies to poo every 7 to 10 days. Ouch. Not one to draw unwanted attention LTD is comfortable in that day range going about every 8 days. When a baby goes that long without going poo the outcome when he finally does is exactly what you would expect. The Mommy and I have been stocking up on lots of laundry detergent. The pediatrician next turned to the more polite subjects of food and the teeth to eat with. Basically, LTD could be teething now and we think he might be, but an actual tooth could not appear for three months or more. However, the fun part is that it is possible that a tooth could pop out tomorrow. Yippee, dentists bills. As for solids, the doctor said that it was up to us and that everyone has a different philosophy about when to start and what to start with, but he added that no matter what we do, LTD should be eating solids at least by month 6. When we begin, he felt you couldn’t go wrong with rice cereal and to try a little once a day and that it would be an supplement to his daily milk intake, which would stay at the same level. Our questions answered, we finished off the visit with some shots strategically placed in LTD’s fat thighs. He took them like a champ and so far has had no side effects. The total band-aid count was three with two Daffy Ducks and one Bugs Bunny. Personally, I hope for more Bugs than Daffy at our 6-month visit.

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