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The Shriek

For most people, I think that when you say “babies”, the first thing that pops into their minds would be the word “cute”, but you have to believe that a very close second would be the word cry. LTD is now four months old and his cries have been fairly consistent between hungry and tired. Occasionally, he will throw in cries for having a dirty diaper or having gas. All in all, they have become pretty predictable and for the most part easily remedied. Lately and usually in the evening, he decides to play the shriek card. The shriek is the baby equivalent of the nuclear option. LTD lets loose with this rebel yell for no visible or clear explanation, but if there is some hidden reason it seems solely designed to destroy my brain cells. The shriek needs only be deployed for a moment in order to give me an instant headache. The only bright spot in dealing with the shriek is that it doesn’t last long. Together we work on new ways to calm him and separately we have been reading up on our Zen techniques. The truth is that maybe the shriek isn’t really a special horrifying cry it just feels that way at the end of a long day.

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