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Product Review –Cha Cha Barbells from Kushies

80041 Cha Cha BarbellsAs LTD grows The Mommy and I have been trying to get him different kinds of developmental toys and now that he has reached four months of age we have been able to find him some pretty cool stuff. One of the funnier items in his growing toy arsenal is the Kushies Zolo brand Cha Cha Barbells. These two pieces of baby gym equipment crack The Mommy and me up. When you bounce the ends of the barbells they make the perfect cartoon sound – a boing. It’s also kind of funny if you can get both of them in his hands because it looks like he is doing a hardcore baby chest workout allowing us to cancel the gym membership we got for him. There is only one problem with barbells; The Mommy keeps hitting me in the head with them so she can hear the boing ring off my skull. Now all we have to do is keep them away from the dog, since she has had them in her sights lately and then we will be all set.

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