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Product Review – Wee Gallery

wee4As you know The Grandma left last week, but before she went home she helped us with one last project. She and The Mommy put up Jungle art from the Wee Gallery. A word of background, before LTD was born we didn’t know what we were going to have in terms of the boy or girl situation and either way we weren’t going to do blue race cars or pink princesses for the room. So we painted his room light green and left the walls blank. Fast-forward four months later and we decided it was time to give him something cool to look at on the walls. In our constant state of exhaustion we needed something very easy to use and thus we turned to the Wee Gallery.

I questioned The Mommy and The Grandma about installation and here is their full report. “We used blue painters tape to lay out the pieces on the wall before we unstuck them from their backing” said The Mommy. “The stickers are durable and thick, so they don’t tear. The peel and stick quality has worked well, so far, in case we want to change up the design,” she continued. “The pieces really do look painted on. It’s pretty cool to watch him stare at the monkeys and the lion. It makes you wonder what he is thinking about.” added The Grandma. All in all, since I didn’t have to do any work, I think these decorations turned his room into a proper kid’s room brilliantly.


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