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Product Review – Cuddly Kid Mirror

cuddlyIt’s no secret that babies love looking at themselves in mirrors. No, it’s not cause they think they are hot; it’s because they love looking at human faces. So The Mommy and I killed two birds with one stone by getting LTD the Cuddly Kid Mirror. He likes it, but you don’t have to take my word for it. Beyond the Car Seat has turned to a kid specialist to review the Cuddly Kid, I give you The Grandma. The Mommy’s Mommy has been visiting us for a few weeks this summer to help us out and she has been playing with LTD and the Cuddly Kid. I grilled her about her observations and here is what she said, “He loves grabbing the little colorful hairs and wrapping his fingers around the mirror frame to hold it up.” The Grandma continued, “He was really fascinated by it and we used it as a pillow for tummy time. Plus, the little arms make crinkle noises and you can’t go wrong with crinkle noises.” With The Grandma’s endorsement I set to playing with LTD and the Cuddly Kid, discovered that it really does look like a kid and decided it would be LTD’s new baby brother. The toy’s legs are weighted so he sits up and I figured the two of them would do some family bonding. I guess he thought different because he tried to eat it.

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