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Product Review – Bumbo Baby Seat

BumboDue to last weeks positive feedback Beyond the Car Seat once again turns to The Grandma to weigh in on another fun product. She has spent many a day with LTD recently and has become a big fan of the Bumbo Baby Seat. She dropped the 411 as follows.

“I felt that during the early stages of his learning to sit up by himself, the Bumbo really helped his back and neck muscles to develop.”

I will add that, in the beginning, we stuck a folded burp cloth behind his back to keep from getting whiplash and now he is doing great without help.

“I really get the sense that he digs being in the seat. I rotate him from his back to tummy time and then to the Bumbo to give him many different points of view,” The Grandma continued. “I think LTD enjoys looking at his toys straight on instead of always looking at them from his back.”

The tray, which you have to buy separately, is pretty important. The tray lets you give him a toy that doesn’t instantly fall on the floor and of course later, when he starts on solids, the tray will be a place for food. The Grandma thought of one last thing and so we shall give her the last word,

“during the day I move him around the room in the seat in order to find him different and interesting things to look at.”

Bumbo LTD

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