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Oh Hey. Yeah, Now is a Great Time to Talk

Cell phone etiquette debates are nothing new. There are the cell phone drivers, the cell phone moviegoers, the cell phone shoppers, the loud restaurant cell phone eaters, but I think I may have noticed something new and equally annoying. I give you cell phone caregivers. Talk about being distracted, this new breed of yappers chatter away on their mobiles oblivious to what their babies or toddlers are doing. And don’t get me started on the strollers; I mean people’s ankles are the real silent victims of this cruel practice.

The stroller talkers aren’t nearly as bad as the playground or supermarket cell phone parents. Sadly, this problem is only get to worse with texting and phone Internet searches. Oh, look, little Johnny is playing in traffic, where are his parents? I’ll tell you where. One is talking to his buddy about Transformers 2 on his iphone, while the other is using her crackberry to email her sister tips on baby safety. Time for Congress to act and for you to action; let our representatives know that someone must think of the children.

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