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I Don’t Know What it is, But it Must Go in My Mouth

I have invented a cool new game called, lets list the things now covered in baby drool. Whoever can list ten pieces of clothing or body parts soaked in infant slobber the fastest wins. So far I am the undefeated champ. As you may have guessed, LTD has begun the teething process and slowly but surely many items have begun the fateful journey to his drenched little orifice. By far the most popular items are his fingers. Thankfully he hasn’t found his thumb yet, but right now his tiny digits are working over time. There is something particularly gross about having wet baby fingers dragged across your face on their way to your shirt. However, I am thankful he uses his fingers because when he grabs one of mine and shoves it in his jaws, it really hurts. Thanks to his powerful sucking ability, he is able to trap my finger in place while he crushes down with his teething baby gums. The only good news is that since he is in such an early stage of the teething process, he hasn’t been in any real pain yet and it appears that his desire to put everything in his mouth is still at the curiosity instinct level. Still, everything near him is covered with drool. I feel like Ghostbusters’ Dr. Peter Venkman because I keep saying, “He slimed me.” The Mommy and I can’t wait until he starts crawling, who knows what new, interesting and grimy things he will start putting in his mouth then. Until he is mobile I will continue to wear my foul weather gear.

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