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But Our Home Was Featured in Architectural Digest

uglyFor various reasons people are having babies later in life than in the past. Having a baby in your 30’s puts you in a vastly different mind set than if you became a parent in your 20’s. By the time you are in your mid-thirties, in theory, you may have acquired a lot of nice things and hopefully a nice home to put them all in. So what happens when you add the baby to that equation? The answer happens to be the same as every other baby related question, you freak out. The Mommy and I have some friends whose tastes tend to lean toward the trendy, modern and cool. We have watched them experience culture shock when they check out the designs for the common baby items that they need to buy. Before the baby is born they usually start with, of course, denial. “That purple jungle-themed papasan cradle thing ain’t going in my house!” This is followed by all their friends who are parents saying, “Yeah, good luck with that.” The truth is that we have all been there, baby stuff takes up a lot of space in your home and when the baby’s not using them, you still have to look at it. However, at some point during the day you are going to have to put the baby down and when you do your going to turn to a papasan or swing not a Herman Miller chair. The good news is that if you look around you can find some pretty cool baby stuff that won’t offend your eyes and your sense of interior design. Just don’t spend a fortune on hip modern baby chairs, they will out grow them fast and college isn’t getting cheaper any time soon.

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