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Book Review – Bread and Jam for Frances

ss_BreadJamFrancesWhile it is true that Bread and Jam for Frances is a children’s classic, over the years a few misconceptions about the book have arisen. First published in 1964, the book by Russell Hoban with illustrations by Lillian Hoban (sadly they are divorced) tells the story of a young badger and her devotion to a certain food. Many have wrongfully assumed that the book was propaganda created by the Welch’s grape conglomerate or that a toothpaste company sponsored its publication. Also there has been growing controversy due to the obesity crisis that has hit America. So far none of these falsehoods have borne any fruit.

The truth is that Bread and Jam for Frances is a wonderful tale with a powerful moral lesson thrown in like the icing on the cake. Frances’ obsession with only eating bread and jam creates a headache for the rest of the family, but instead of yelling and going crazy Frances’ mother hands the situation brilliantly. This tale of moderation will serve parents well in these days of guilt money and children’s merchandise excess.

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