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Yet Another Reason He is Single

baldWe have already discussed the pooping and peeing on himself as one of the main reasons that LTD can’t get a date; now, thanks again to Mother Nature, we have one more; I give you Baby Pattern Baldness. Like his old man it seems LTD is not immune to the curse of hair loss. However, in his case I can only hope that his locks grow back or they invent baby Rogaine. Our pediatrician explained that basically three things could happen to newborn hair. Some babies will completely lose their hair and be bald for a spell until it grows back. Some babies lose their hair, but their new hair is right there to take its place so you never really notice the loss. And some babies never lose their birth hair or didn’t have any to begin with. In LTD’s case he is definitely losing it and it doesn’t look like the new hair has signed up yet, so I fear we are looking at a cue ball situation soon. The big question still remains, what color will his hair be?

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