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What the Suck

The day has arrived. LTD now sucks on a pacifier. A few weeks after he was born we added the pacifier debate to our list of 103 Pacifierquestions for our doctor. She was patient with us and took the time to answer all of them. We asked whether we should use a pacifier. Her take on the subject was that it would be fine for a couple of reasons. She felt that modern pacifiers don’t make their future teeth crooked, which was my main concern, however, she did add that a pacifier would screw up a baby’s teeth if he still is using it when he is six. She also explained that he may or may not even take it and if he doesn’t like it don’t force the issue. She explained that babies have an instinct to suck and the pacifier satisfies that urge. We asked if it would help prevent gas or aid in digestion and after a long pause she said, it might (but the look on her face suggested there was no real proof). She mentioned that one of the reasons she doesn’t have a problem with pacifiers is that at a certain point a baby will put everything in it’s mouth and a pacifier is a better solution than a dirty blanket corner that will give him Impetigo. Her big item in the pro column was that between a pacifier and the baby’s thumb, the pacifier is the only thing you can take away. Her last points were that if he is sleeping and it falls out we shouldn’t put it back in and that at around six months we should begin to eliminate the pacifier so he doesn’t still demand it when he is 12.

Once we were armed with pacifier answers we tried to use one on LTD at about three weeks of age, he spit it out pretty fast and we dropped the subject. However, at around the three-month mark he now seems to enjoy it. Since he has started to drool and put everything in his mouth it makes for a convenient fix. The hard part is limiting his time with it and not just sticking it in his mouth all day which is tough to do cause sometimes when it falls out it is like pulling the pin on a grenade filled not with explosives but cries. The good news is for the most part he enjoys the pacifier, but doesn’t demand it.

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