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The Witching Hour

From day one LTD has pretty much always used his ability to cry for specific reasons. He was very clear about being wet, cold or hungry and would let us know with a hard target wail. However, about a week in to our new life with baby, he would scream like a maniac every night beginning around 7pm. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Witching Hour. It turns out that some babies just get fussy in the late evening, usually when you are trying to eat dinner. Some have theorized that this is caused by being over stimulated and over tired. I have theorized that it gives me a wicked bad headache.

The only remedy The Mommy and I have found is to just rock LTD while moving around the dimly lit living room. While I find it difficult in these moments to be zen, LTD does pick up on our vibes and calms with our mellow energy. Another challenge that The Witching Hour presents is the anguished heartbreaking face LTD makes when he has been crying for 20 minutes. It is the kind of face designed to cause a parent to let their dinner get cold. Over time, The Witching Hour has dropped down to a once a week pain, here’s hoping it disappears altogether.

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