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Put Out an APB: The Socks Are Missing

sock iWe live in a world in which The Mommy can order baby socks on her cell phone, I can buy socks that sock iihave actual teddy bears on them, but nothing on Earth can make those socks stay on the baby’s feet. I’m not a rube; I knew it would happen, I just didn’t think it would happen so soon. LTD has started to take off his socks. In his defense, he doesn’t do it on purpose yet, but the outcome is still the same. I have to spend all day trying to find a missing sock. He either kicks his legs or squiggles his foot and his socks make their way south. I also feel like Sisyphus because no matter how many times I put them back on or pull them back up somehow the socks still end up on the floor. I have found no solution and I am not going to make him start wearing garters and even if I wanted him to wear them, it’s not like they make baby garters (for obvious reasons). Time for me to be zen when dealing with the socks and remember it can always be worse, he could be taking off his diaper.

sock iii

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