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Product Review- Swaddle Me

One of the books The Mommy and I read (let’s face it, I didn’t read it) talks about the first three months of the baby’s life as being the fourth trimester. In that regard the author recommends, among other things, swaddling. In theory it is possible to use a blanket to swaddle a baby, but all my attempts ended in disaster; and by disaster I mean that LTD, in proud defiance, stuck his arm out and raised his fist in freedom. The Mommy, after watching me struggle, showed me the Swaddle Me baby blanket. The Swaddle Me has a pocket at the bottom for the baby’s legs and Velcro on both side for idiot proof swaddle action. I can’t stess enough how easy the Swaddle Me blanket makes the whole swaddling process. In fact, when LTD out grew the one we were using I cried a little. When done right swaddling creates the straight jacket that keeps parents sane.


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