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Product Review – California Baby Sunscreen Lotion

sunSummer is upon us and the sun is beating down hard. For obvious reasons, the sun can be very harsh for babies (and for adults). The Mommy makes LTD wear his beach hat when we go outside. The hat makes him look like a reject from an open casting call for a commercial for baby beach hats. One other must have for LTD when he goes out is sunscreen. We have been trying to use only natural shampoos, lotions and other baby products on his un-weathered skin. I still don’t fully understand what a paraben is, but I don’t want it near my baby. One of the only baby sunscreens that we have found that fits all of The Mommy’s strict criteria is California Baby® No Fragrance SPF 30+ Sunscreen Lotion. Like all baby products it ain’t cheap, but hopefully when LTD is 80 and doesn’t look like a saddle bag, the expense will have proven worth it.

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