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Product Review – The Sleep Sheep

SleepSheepLDuring the countdown to LTD’s birth, The Mommy not only read a lot about what products to buy, she read a lot about what not to buy. There are a lot of baby products out there that are really designed to make the parents feel better, but don’t really do anything for the baby, like the Diaper Genie (where Aladdin pretends to seal in odor) or designer sneakers for newborns. However, one of the items that The Mommy and I received before LTD arrived was The Sleep Sheep, this stuffed animal comes stuffed with a sound generator featuring four different settings.


Many parents told us that The Sheep should be put on our must have list and with their endorsements we put the big sheep on his crib and the little one on his car seat. For some reason we settled on the whale sound and don’t really ever use the others. Probably cause the water sounds make me have to go to the bathroom. The truth is that I don’t know if the noise really soothes LTD or not, but I do know that because we turn on the whales at bedtime I feel he knows the sounds mean time for sleep. The only drawback is now all I ever dream about is Moby Dick.

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