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Popeye I am Not

Now I don’t want to come across as a grumbler and I also don’t want to blow things out of proportion, but I have to say my wrists and forearms are killing me. Instead of Tennis Elbow I have Baby Arms. Between the constant rocking and holding I have started to develop a serious case of infant induced carpal tunnel syndrome. And let us not forget the infant car carrier, that thing is not getting any lighter. It feels weird that a 14lb baby should cause such discomfort and I know I am out of shape, but it feels like when they used to punish school kids in the olden days by making them hold a book with their outstretched arms. It’s not the weight; it’s the amount of time. The real problem is that it’s really not something I can complain about, holding one’s son is a joy and a privilege (but I’m still gonna complain). However, as he grows bigger and bigger, I grow afraid of nerve damage; I guess it’s time to start working out and eating my spinach. Of course it goes without saying that I won’t do either of those two things.

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