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I’d Rather Have a Bottle in Front of Me…

bottleAs my first week as Mr. Mom comes to a close I would like to address the subject of bottle-feeding. Three times a day, LTD and I get together to do our dance and three times a day he leaves full (minus what ends up down his chin). The Mommy has chosen The Adiri Natural Nurser Ultimate Baby Bottle as our preferred method of milk delivery. The Adiri was selected because it has a soft nipple area designed to mimic a breast.

LTD took to the bottle pretty quickly and pretty well, which is good cause it can cause big, big problems if a baby won’t take a bottle. Thankfully, so far, we have also avoided nipple confusion, which also can cause big, big problems. The thing about the bottle is that I really need to shove it in LTD’s face in order to simulate the seal created by the breast. This action really feels weird to me; I mean how often does one shove something in someone’s face? However, if I don’t use pressure I don’t make a seal and then milk sprays or dribbles everywhere. The biggest bottle-feeding challenge I have encountered so far is the hand situation. LTD grabs at the bottle, my hand, his hands, his shirt and the air during feeding forcing me to create the Hawaiian “hang-loose” The shaka sign. LTD holds my thumb and my pinky while I balance the bottle with my other fingers. Now when we see The Mommy come home it’s time for my bottle.

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