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Home Alone

It is unclear if we hadn’t had an event to attend last week if The Mommy and I would have ever left LTD alone. Either way we will never know how long we would have waited because we did go out and LTD was without both of us for the first time. The Mommy works in the Materials Department for the studio that made the movie Ice Age 3. We attended the premiere screening and party, but since the movie is in 3D and the glasses wouldn’t fit him we had to leave LTD behind.

The good news is that we were able to leave him with friends instead of that mean lady from Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead. LTD was calm while we dropped him off and went through the list of nervous parent instructions with our friends, but when The Mommy and I got up to leave he started in with the waterworks. It broke my heart because you really got the sense that he knew we were leaving him. However, like pulling off a Band-aid we just had to do it quick and we left with him still crying. During the ride to the movie, The Mommy and I displayed a mixture of sadness and relief. I talked myself into enjoying the evening by convincing myself that if I was watching him and something really bad happened I would call 911 and that is exactly what our friends would do, so it’s not like I would be any better in a true crisis than anyone else.

The movie was awesome and it was nice to go to party and have a drink (more like a sip of one), which of course made me want to take a nap. It was hard to tear ourselves away from our first night of freedom, but we knew there was a limit to how much our friends could take. When we arrive to pick up LTD the sitters looked very tired and, despite the fact that he is the cutest baby on Earth, were happy to give him back so they could go to sleep.

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  • Ahh, I remember those days. Now I drag strangers off the street to watch my kids. As long as they are breathing, they qualify.