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First Road Trip – Beantown

annaThis past weekend, The Mommy and I took LTD on his first long car trip. One of the places we went was the birthplace of American democracy, Boston. LTD handled the car ride pretty well; all that movement caused him to mostly sleep. The only real challenge was finding places for The Mommy to breastfeed that weren’t dirty roadside shacks (even with the Hooter Hider, truckers still tried to sneak a peak). We stayed at our first hotel as new parents. Thanks to the pack n play working perfectly, he slept well. We subscribed to the baby packing school of thought that suggests bringing more than you will need. The hip and trendy hotel guests enjoyed watching me make three trips through the lobby with blankets, diapers and strollers. The hotel had a pool so we took the baby for his first swim and by swim I mean we held him while slowly dragging him through the water. We think he liked it going by the fact that he didn’t cry. It has been three months since he was last in that type of environment, so it was like going home. The big event of the trip was taking him for his first ever Anna’s Taqueria. For obvious reasons he couldn’t really enjoy the food, so I ate double to honor his visit. All in all, traveling when they are at this age is not really a big deal. I’m really looking forward to when he hits all the elevator buttons and feels the need to run screaming down the hotel hallways.

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  • You are raising that kid right, Mr. Was just dreaming about Anna’a today… mmm, Anna’s.

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