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Close Your Trap Before a Bear Walks In

Name one thing funnier than a baby yawning, go ahead, try it. First, a special thanks to Mother Nature for making babies have huge heads and tiny bodies. LTD looks like an orange on top of a toothpick. During the full faced yawn, his head swings back and forth on that skinny little neck causing The Mommy and I to laugh. Every time. He yawns a lot and one would think that over time it wouldn’t still be funny, and I will concede his basic yawn isn’t really all that special, but when he does what seems like a full body yawn it is always hysterical. I guess part of the humor stems from the fact that most people cover their mouths when they yawn so one rarely sees a big gaping maw during a full yawn. However, due to his young age LTD will be forgiven for his lack of manners.

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