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Alone in the Dark

I wish I could tell you this only happened once, but I can’t. LTD has done the following a lot and it sort of freaks me out. At night, we usually keep his room pretty dark with only the glow of the night light to prevent stubbed toes. I will be woken up to his familiar wail and change his diaper anytime between 3 and 5am. When I take him out of his crib and he stops crying, it happens on the way to the changing table, I get hit with the “CNS” Creepy Night Smile. Technically, there is nothing different about his night smile and his day smile; it is the same cute grin. However, in the darkness of 4am, the shadows play tricks on me. I keep expecting LTD’s head to spin around while he informs he that Satan is his father now. I can only hope that as he sleeps through more and more of the night I will be able to enjoy his smile during only sunlight hours.

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  • Hi Ben,
    This is one of my favorites yet. You are truly opening my eyes to the little known facts of the baby world, and the new parenting experience. And you’re hilarious! Best of luck in your new found bloggability. -julie