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Something Wicked This Way Comes

So I hear LTD cry or more accurately scream. My first duty is to think of peeps or poops. Always check the diaper. I have found that it is my first line of defense against crying and the only thing I have control over. As a dad, in the beginning you can’t breastfeed them if their cry is caused by hunger.

While The Mommy is in charge of the top, I am in charge of the bottom. In my short time as a dad I have learned this, when dealing with issues of baby waste you must exercise judgment and patience. When you hear the butt cheeks sound off, don’t rush to the changing table. Trust me, the tank isn’t empty and baby’s not done. If you are too efficient you run the risk of having to do double doodie. Diapers aren’t cheap. Don’t waste them.

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