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As soon as I got LTD home and really held him I quickly felt as if The Mommy had given birth to Wolverine. Yes, from day one the claws will be sharp. Baby will scratch you and baby will scratch that beautiful face of his. If you are like me you will not be ready for the nail clippers during that first week so you can use an emery board. You will even have people tell you to bite them but when The Mommy saw me doing that it wasn’t pretty. Occasionally, some babies’ nails will be soft enough that if you roll the ends in your fingers they will wear off.

The nails continue to grow at an alarming rate and will have to be trimmed a couple times a week. Newborns still behave like they are in the womb so they curl up a lot and those hands get wicked close to the face and when grandma asks for new pictures, she ain’t going to be happy if LTD looks like he had a run in with Freddy Kreuger.

New Dad Suggestion (NDS): When you feel comfortable using clippers the best time to trim baby’s nails is when she is feeding. When you see that milk drunk face, snip away.

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